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The Best of the End of the Year “Best of” Lists

As the New York Times Bestseller List and popularity of Buzzfeed demonstrates, the average person enjoys things in list form. Whether it documents books sold, or shows 27 photos to restore your faith in humanity: lists are beloved. We didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so allow us to indulge ourselves with this collection of some of the best (in our opinion) Best of Lists of 2013:

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Best Compilation of Best Books 

Best List of Books for Music Lovers

Best Departure from the Best Books List That Still Tells Us the Best Books

Best Way to Snoop on What Your Favorite Authors Read this Year  

Best List of Feuds We’re Most Interested In 

Book List with the Best Categories 

Best Book List to Take the Pressure Off of 2013 

Best Crowd Sourced Book Lists 

Best List of Literary Snobs

And just to show we’re not original, the Best of Best Of List 

BONUS: Best Round Up of People You Find in a Comments Section 

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