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Advice from Book Entrepreneurs Under 30

Earlier, we posted an article featuring four book entrepreneurs and their thoughts on how to succeed in the publishing industry despite being under the age of 30. In case you still need a little encouragement before you pitch your big idea to the world, here’s some bonus advice straight from the mouths of our three entrepreneurs themselves.

Adam Gomolin: “Think really hard about the idea. Really do your research. Take apart your machine and put it back together in order to really understand it. Be diligent. Say thank you a lot—to anyone who will talk to you, to your boss, to your parents for the seed money, thank you to everyone who helps you.”

Anna Lewis: “Never stop asking people for advice and letting them constructively criticize what you’re doing. Sometimes it can get a bit much when it feels like everyone has an opinion on what you’re doing and how you could do it better, but as long as people are giving you feedback it means that they care, so say thank you and always try and consider it thoughtfully!”

Travis Allen: “Start now, not tomorrow. There will always be excuses not to start now but the reality is it only gets harder the longer you wait. Also, don’t expect it to go well at first. It will be a bumpy ride and you will fail a lot. That is okay as long as you learn from that failure and continue to grow as from those failures. Find great team members, weed out the ones who won’t cut it, and reward the ones that stick through it. Don’t get investment unless you absolutely have to. In todays age, you can start many different companies with no upfront cash. Most of all, build yourself a personal board of advisors or mentors. Find people from all walks of life, someone younger then you, someone with business experience, someone who has failed a lot, someone who is an expert in your industry, a family member, etc. Mentors are key and you need to constantly seek council and redirect courses as needed.”


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