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How to Become an App Developer: The Infographic

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AppNewser (a mediabistro blog, much like Galleycat) found and shared this handy (if huge) infographic from about all that might be involved to become an app developer. It breaks things down into skill groups, university programs, and more. As “mobile strategy” gradually becomes more “house standard” than “novelty item deluxe” on many publishers’ menus, the idea of making app development a book-biz career is not at all unreasonable–especially if you’re just now starting out.

What I find really interesting is how specialized and numerous the formal training programs for app development already are. Compare this to the open-ended nature of most publishing programs, and the nebulous answer you’re likely to get to the question, “Should I do a post-grad program in publishing?” The publishing industry is centuries older than the world of hyper-specialized education, but digital careers are coming of age right along with it. All the easier, then, for digital to find a tidy place in the world of Programs and Certificates. Publishing has been trying to decide for several decades how to make that whippersnapper, Professional Education, work for it–or whether that’s even possible.

Whether you feel more digital-first or books-first type, certainly an interesting Book-Job not by the book to think about.


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