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Internviews: “Before”

Livia Nelson is the Editorial Assistant at Publishing Trendsetter, as well as Market Partners International and Publishing Trends‘ summer intern. In the time between when she was offered the position and when she started, Trendsetter asked her a few questions. A midsummer “during” and a final “after” installment will follow.

Trendsetter: What part of what you know about Publishing Trends and MPI interests you most as you enter the internship?

Livia: I’m very interested in the question of how—and if—technology and the Internet will benefit literature and publishing. So I think it’s very exciting that though MPI/PT is one company in one office, it’s attempting to answer this question from several angles: through consultation, the newsletter, and the upcoming blog. It’s wonderful that I’ll get to be right in the middle of all three!


T: What would you most like to learn or derive from the internship?

L: Since the partners at MPI/PT have had successful and multifaceted careers, I hope that working for them this summer will give me a better understanding of the publishing world and how to find success in it myself. I also want to walk away feeling like my knowledge of social media and blogging has contributed positively to MPI/PT and the companies who come to them for information about the same. And, of course, I hope to make connections and get a foot in the door!


T: What kind of value do you think might be unique to a non-traditional book-business internship? (as opposed to an internship with a traditional publisher or agent)

L: I imagine that English Majors graduating with a publishing internship on their resume is pretty par for the course, so I hope that working at a non-traditional book-business internship will help me stand out when I start applying for “a real job”. I also hope that since MPI/PT communicates with several publishing houses, I might get a sense for several and how they differ, as opposed to the function of just one. And I’ll actually get to work on a new project with Publishing Trendsetters, as opposed to getting lost in clerical work like I might at a more traditional internship.


T: What do you think made you MPI/PT’s candidate of choice?

L: In addition to the typical credentials—rising senior at a respected university, English major—I’ve had success in the creation of my own writing/literature-related blog, so I really have something to offer the launch of Publishing Trendsetters. It may also be beneficial that I speak and study German—who knew! And hopefully my enthusiasm and generally sunny disposition came across at my interview, so that it seemed like I’d be nice to have around and that I’d really gain something from this experience.


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