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Internviews Part 3: A Retrospective

Hi from UNC! I miss you, Trendsetter!

Livia Nelson interned at Publishing Trendsetter from early May (before its launch) until a few weeks ago. Now that she’s back at school, she kindly agreed to retrospectively share her thoughts and answer questions about her experience.


What specific tasks or projects completed across the summer do you feel were most valuable to your professional development?

This is a difficult one… all of them? My tasks for Market Partners International taught me a lot more about the industry in general, which of course is important. As far as Publishing Trends, doing the International page was awesome simply because it meant my name is on the back of those issues, which I think will be a great thing to be able to show a potential employer some day. And Publishing Trendsetter was useful overall not only because I’m part of it’s target audience, but because it gave me so many more ideas and insights for my own blog.

What parts of the internship surprised you? And why?

First, I was surprised that I wasn’t stuck in aDevil Wears Prada situation–everyone I worked with was actually really nice! I was also really surprised to realize what a business publishing is. Silly me, thinking that the best written books were the ones that got book deals! By the end, I was surprised how much I’d actually liked my internship. I think it’s rare for an intern to enjoy themself and learn a ton, but my experience was pretty ideal!

How can you see your mark on the project of Publishing Trendsetter as a whole now that you’ve left the daily grind?

I’ll always think that it was really cool that I was there before the site even launched. By the time Trendsetter had gotten into its swing, I was comfortable enough at my internship to contribute some ideas—both for post content and site features. In terms of post content, I think my time there generated a lot of content both for people who aren’t working in publishing yet and young people who are writers who may be interested in publishing (since I am both of those things).

I also think that the new project in the works, the “Life Cycle of a Book” infographic and videos are going to explode all over the internet, and I worked a lot on the conception and production of that project, so I’m excited!

Did Trendsetter change your understanding of publishing? How?

Definitely—I knew next to nothing about publishing when I arrived! I have a much better understanding of the organization and processes of the industry. But maybe more importantly, Trendsetter taught me what to expect as a young person who wants to enter the industry. I have a lot of different options, that’s for sure, but I also feel way more equipped to pursue the job of my dreams. So that’s great!

What projects or goals will you embark on next?

Well, there is this whole school thing. I want to do well in my classes (obv), write some great stuff in my Honors Fiction class (and get more of it published), and figure out where I’m going to be after I graduate! There are so many options that it’s overwhelming, although I guess I should be thankful.

And I’ll be expanding my own blog! The first step is to give it a makeover, and then I have about 8 bazillion ideas (give or take) for new features. Hopefully Yeah Write can one day turn into something I can live off of. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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