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Bright Young Things of Mexican Publishing: William Dietzel

Mexico-flagIn honor of BEA’s International Market Focus on Mexico this year, we asked a few young Mexican publishing professionals for their take on the industry they’re simultaneously inheriting and helping to create. William Dietzel and Alicia Flores share their thoughts about their careers thus far and what might be next.


William Dietzel

William Dietzel

William Dietzel is a young editor from Mexico City who’s worked in prestigious publishing houses like Planeta and Santillana. He’s currently the Children’s and YA Editor at Planeta Mexico.


How did you get started in publishing? How many years have you worked in publishing, total?

It all started with an Internship. I was doing my last semester of university when the possibility to become an intern at Santillana (Mexico) arose — I did not hesitate one moment. I was about to graduate and the idea of working at a publishing company was exciting. A few months after I had begun, the opportunity to stay appeared and I immediately accepted, 5 years ago, to join the Children’s department as Assistant Editor in the Nonfiction area.

What is your current job title? What are some of your favorite things about your job?

Children’s & YA Editor at Planeta (Mexico). I enjoy many things: Finding authors and discussing and editing their stories; the book fairs – Bologna and the wonderful content there, Guadalajara and the amazing energy of editors, authors and the public; looking for innovate ways to offer books and promote them; and, of course, discovering the ever-growing diversity of YA stories and evaluating their publishing possibilities in Mexico. Being an editor during the appearance and emergence of electronic books is very exciting as well.

What about current Mexican book business excites you most?

Its possibilities. Even though the market has some clear preferences, I believe there is an opportunity to publish, distribute, and market contents and formats that hitherto hadn’t been introduced, or at least not with great success. These possibilities are latent both in the traditional trade market as well as in the rather virgin digital sphere.

What challenges will face your generation of Mexican publishers that differ from the challenges for previous generations?

The ways people consume content and become aware of them have been drastically changing in the last decade. These ways will probably keep changing, and we must keep up with the trends in consumption and communication in order to attain growth and success as publishers. In this scenario, we will have to promote innovation in all areas not only to attend to the changing patterns of demand, but also as to have a more active and defining role as content consumption becomes more stable and mature – changes, without a doubt, offer new possibilities for established companies as well as new competitors. Another thing to bear in mind is competition: as different kinds of content consumption seems to be merging on specific electronic devices, it is likely that the traditional frontiers between industries will become less clear.

What are your hopes for your own career–things you’d like to learn or do in the future? I work towards becoming an ever-innovating publisher who is able to a) have a successful impact on all kinds of consumers by attending their demands, b) play a key and active role in the generation of new content trends and formats, the defining of consuming habits, as well as the implementation of both creative and successful marketing strategies. Among the things I know I will need to continue to update myself so as to attain my goals are: a) proper analysis of consumer and market trends (both local and foreign) sustained by professional data, b) innovation in web, retail and communication strategies, and c) everything involved with e-books: consumption, devices, formats, habits, etc.

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