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This is a Post about Trendsetter Internships

Hey Trendsetters!

As you may have noticed, we offer internships on a rolling basis. We’ve been thinking that it makes the most sense to have a permanent space with information about that since we’re not always the best at remembering to repost it on BookJobs and NYU’s job board. (Thank you, BookJobs and NYU job board, for sending us so many great interns over the years!) We will continue to use those places, but this post will serve as a permanent spot for information about our internship. Still have a question that isn’t answered here? Comment on this post or email [email protected], and you’ll hear back from one of us soon.

A description of us:

Market Partners International, a consulting company that specializes in digital and traditional trade book publishing, is looking for an intern 2-3 days per week. 
The intern will serve as the main assistant for Publishing Trendsetter, a website aimed at those who have been in the book industry fewer than 10 years. Depending on the intern’s areas of interest and past experience, there may be opportunities to suggest and write original articles. The intern will also be integral in running Publishing Trends, MPI’s news website on happenings and trends in book business. From editorial meetings to research and writing, the intern can exercise his or her interests and strengths in this respected trade publication. 
This internship is an excellent chance to learn about book industry analysis and is suitable for someone who may have had a previous introduction to publishing but is interested in a more “macro” view of the business.

How long will it last?

A semester is the typical length, but we are flexible to the intern’s schedule and needs.

Where are we located?

Our office is near Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan, New York.

What’s the compensation?

We will provide a monthly Metrocard and will comply with any requirements to make the internship count for college credit.

How should you apply?

Please send resume and cover letter elaborating your specific interest and suitedness to this internship to Nina Sabak at [email protected]

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  1. Richard Lofgren says:

    Need a tradional publisher for my book it’s about what Santa and the Elves do in the summer they mass produce my product from the Forrest and have fun on the. weekends action packed all though the book

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