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The Beginner’s Guide to Publishing Programs

There’s a lot of ways to gain extra skills and knowledge about the publishing industry, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional looking to bulk up your resume. It should come as no surprise that many of them involve colleges and universities. Here’s a collection of the American institutions offering additional education on publishing. These programs range from certificate courses to multi-year graduate programs. 

Please note that the contents of this guide, including tuition prices, are current as of August 2017 and subject to change. Additionally, the costs listed are tuition-only. They do not include additional fees, boarding costs, etc. 

Click here to view the entire beginner’s guide to Publishing Programs

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  1. Julia Kleser says:

    I go to Florida State University and am getting a BA in Editing, Writing, and Media, which is a sub-branch of English. While there are many directions this major can take, I’ve chosen to focus my classes around publishing. I’m not sure if this major fits the requirements to make this list, but I think its worth reviewing!

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