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Publishing Trends’ Annual “Columbia Super-Grad”

star“…although Typical Columbia Publishing Course Grad initially planned on going into wealth management, she chose instead to intern in the publicity department at Scribner, and hopes to one day work with New Adult fiction.”


Every year, the summer Columbia Publishing Course publishes biographies of the students who participated in that summer’s program. For the past 6 or 7 years, our parent publication, Publishing Trends, has selected the more outlandish exploits and accomplishments for a humorous composite biography.

Most of the summer programs are wrapping up now, and no matter whether your take on Publishing Certificate programs, their increasing popularity is undeniable. You can read more about formal publishing education in pieces, corralled below. Congratulations and best of luck to the grads of 2013!

An Education: Looking at the New CUNY Summer Publishing Institute

The Denver Publishing Institute: A Mile-High Education

Undergraduate Publishing Programs: What’s the Advantage?

Are Publishing Certificate Programs Worth It? An Opinion Roundup

Why the NYU Summer Publishing Institute?


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