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The Beginner’s Guide to the Backlist

Historically, American publishing houses had three seasons a year: fall, winter, and spring. This had a lot to do with the physical limitations of selling and shipping books across the country, especially in the eras before air-conditioning and Skype. Most modern publishers still operate on two to three seasons a year, in part because it’s often easier to break a year’s business goals down into sub-goals. After six months, a once-new title is replaced by something even newer, and the focus of the industry moves on – and that’s where […]

Skyhorse Publishing Has Got Your Back…list

  Skyhorse Publishing’s latest business initiative: less Corporate Acquisitions, more Neighborhood Barn Raising. **** Skyhorse Publishing announced a new program yesterday, an indie-publishers-helping-indie publishers sort ‘o deal. It all has to do with Backlist. With all the glamour and hoopla of Sales Conference (glamour embodied, without a doubt. [<– sarcasm]) and anticipation of new books coming out every season, it might not be evident how integral a backlist is to a publisher’s success. Backlist books are all those books a publisher published before this newest season that are still in print […]