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Book Jobs Not by the Book: Grace Moss, at the German Book Office

Grace Moss is the Assistant to the Director at the German Book Office New York. She came to New York in 2012 to chase her dream of working in publishing by interning with the Waxman-Leavell Literary Agency, and rather quickly moved on to the GBO, where she happily helps to promote German authors through events and various programs. ***** What was your first exposure to book business (internship or first job) and what were the most important things you gained from it? I interned at the Waxman-Leavell Literary Agency, which is full […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Rachel Hurn, Book Reviewer

Rachel Hurn‘s nonfiction and criticism have appeared on the New Yorker and in the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Review of Books, among others. She is a bookseller at McNally Jackson and a graduate of the New School with an M.F.A. in creative nonfiction. She lives in Brooklyn. Follow her on Twitter @RachelMarieHurn. ***** What are some different professional capacities in which you’ve worked with books? In what ways have these other undertakings influenced your work as a book reviewer? I first started writing about books and book culture when I interned at […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Dana Trocker, Speakers Bureau Relations Coordinator

From working in a Book Publishing program through her college in Oregon, Dana Trocker is now a Speakers Bureau Relations Coordinator for Macmillan. At a time when digital networking is so prevalent, Trocker says nothing compares to personal interaction with clients. ***** What was your first exposure to book business (internship or first job) and what were the most important things you gained from it? My first “book job” was working at Ooligan Press, the independent publisher affiliated with the Masters in Book Publishing program at Portland State University in Oregon. […]

Book Jobs Not By the Book: James La Marre, Book App Design

James La Marre works for enterprise software startup Scrollmotion Inc. in New York City, primarily developing and publishing iPad applications for business. Previously to starting at Scrollmotion in 2011, James worked at the Kelly Writers House during his time at Penn while studying poetry and directing a letterpress workshop. His first job in the book world was working on the floor at Barnes and Noble in 2006.   What was your first job in book business and what were the most important things you gained from it? My first job […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Nadine Vassallo, Book Industry Study Group

  Nadine Vassallo is Project Coordinator for the Book Industry Study Group, a non-profit trade association working to create a more informed, empowered, and efficient book industry. Before joining BISG in 2011, she held publicity, marketing, and book-selling positions with Penguin Group USA, Columbia University, and Borders. **** What was your first job in the book business and what were the most important things you gained from it? I started out as a Children’s Bookseller at Borders Wall Street in New York (RIP). I think time spent hand-selling books is […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Rachel Waxman, Author Publicity

Although she now has a fulltime job, Rachel Waxman’s story of starting her career outside of NYC and of using freelance work to find her ideal niche in book business is the sort of story we always like to hear. Rachel is a Kansas City native and a graduate of Northwestern University, where she did not study English or creative writing. She currently works for Lucinda Literary, a New York-based author marketing and publicity agency. She is also a writer, and her first book, The Crickhowell School for the Muses, will be published in […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Brooke Palmieri, Antiquarian Book Dealer

 Brooke Palmieri is General Assistant and Cataloguer at Sokol Books, Ltd. in London. She kindly took the time to tell us a bit about how she ended up is such an old-school corner of book business, and why the way books were made and sold hundreds of years ago has lessons to teach even today.  **** What was your first job or internship in book business and what were the most important things you gained from it? I worked in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library as an undergraduate at the […]

Book-Jobs Not by the Book: Tom Chalmers, Literary Rights & Tech Startups

Tom Chalmers is the founder and Managing Director of the recently launched online platform, IPR License, which allows people around the world to post and discover literary rights. Tom has been shortlisted for a number of publishing and entrepreneurial awards in the UK, and has a range of publishing ventures on his resume already. He took the time to talk to Trendsetter about being a tech startup within publishing, exciting opportunities within the field of Rights Licensing, and about the importance of business know-how for the bookish set.  **** What was […]

Book-Jobs Not by the Book: Rachel Fershleiser of Tumblr

Rachel Fershleiser is the young book professional every young book professional dreams to be. Ten years into the publishing industry, Rachel has toiled for two of the big six, worked in the fabled land of bookstores, landed on the Times bestseller list, and (for now) settled into the ever-growing, ever-changing world of literary social media. Responsible for literary and non-profit outreach at Tumblr, Rachel chatted about how the advent of social media is affecting the world of literature. *** PT: What was your first job in the book business and what were the most […]

Book-Jobs Not By The Book: Lindsey Huckabee, Author Advocate

The business of self-publishing is now nothing less than an inextricable part of the book business, impacting all of us, no matter in what corner of the industry we find ourselves. Despite this, self-publishing rarely comes up when young and aspiring book professionals express their hopes and dreams. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome Lindsey Huckabee to Book Jobs Not by the Book to talk about how her job as an author advocate at Infinity Publishing allows her to combine her love of books with the changing needs of the publishing industry.  ***  What […]