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Lifecycle of a Book in Translation: Foreign Publisher

Just because a translator’s work is done, it doesn’t mean a book is ready to go straight into print. Joana Costa Knufinke is an editor at Cruïlla in Barcelona, Spain for middle grade and YA books in the Catalan language. In this video, Joana gives an inside look at the challenges foreign publishers face in finding the right books, selecting a cover image that will resonate with foreign readers, and everything in between. This concludes our Lifecycle of a Book in Translation video series, and we appreciate having you along for […]

Lifecycle of a Book in Translation: Translator

Each step in Lifecycle of a Book in Translation is difficult, but one of the most important to get right is the actual translating. Marshall Yarbrough is translating a German series by Charlotte Link into English, and in this video, he talks about the process of breaking into the world of being a translator. Pro tip: You’ll have to be bad at it for a while.

Lifecycle of a Book in Translation: Foreign Rights Agent

As work on a book wraps up domestically, Foreign Rights Agents’ work is just beginning. Roberto Dominguez of ACER Literaria, based out of Madrid, Spain knows and works in Portuguese and Spanish speaking territories. He explains the intricate process of getting books and manuscripts in front of the right Editors in the right markets, and what happens after a book is purchased.