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How We Got Into Publishing: Survey Results

Sometimes I think folks outside the industry must think there’s some secret trick to break into publishing. In a way, it makes sense. It’s a global business that’s got its American heart in New York City, like some other industries that people and Hollywood movies often laud: fashion, theatre, magazines, and so on. That must be why we all get asked how we got started, or if we could let a friend of a friend pick our brain over a drink or coffee. So at the beginning of the summer, […]

The Trendsetter BEA 2016 Session Wish List

We here at Publishing Trendsetter are feeling some serious FOMO about not being able to go to BEA and BookCon in Chicago this year. To make up for it, we decided to make a list of sessions we wish existed at BEA 2016. The Girl in the Title Epidemic: A panel about ending the usage of “girl” in titles to increase sales. Attention, Everyone! Publishing Will Be Okay: This session will share the best explanations to convince everyone that you know that publishing isn’t dying. In Booth Signing Session with Lin-Manuel […]

Survey: Where Do You Get Your Books?

At Market Partners International, we get books mailed to us from friends in the industry, we have holds at the library, and attend book events, and buy signed copies. We just love to read. If you work in publishing, we’re willing to make an assumption that you like to read, too. You’ve probably got a to-read pile that’s up to your ceiling, or an ereader that’s almost maxed out on space. Or both!  But where do your books come from? If you work in the publishing industry, we invite you to […]

Introducing Partners’ Corner

This article was originally published on our parent site for the book publishing industry, Publishing Trends.  As a new monthly feature, we will be posting “Partners’ Corner,” a place where the principals of Market Partners International can share their observations of the publishing industry for the month. **** We’ve been doing a lot of searches at MPI this year, and having read more resumes and met more publishing people than most of you might meet in a whole career, we’ve been noticing something new: In the good old days, most […]

Familiar Faces Make Their Way To Frankfurt

What do Angry Birds, Harry Potter, and Shrek have in common? Professional contributors who will be speaking at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. Publishing Perspectives Founder Edward Nawotka explains: “Does Angry Birds – what must surely be the most addictive app of all time – have a story? Indeed it does: the birds have had their eggs stolen by pigs and they want revenge. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet, this simple “story” has generated some 350 million downloads since the game’s launch in December 2009 – 150 million of those since […]

Icelandic Imagery on Display at Frankfurt

“Questions on the state of a nation—whether in technology, politics, sociology, environment, ethnology or history—are more clearly stated in the work of visual artists, musicians, architects, designers and writers, in theater and film, than in the news reports of newspaper and periodicals.” – Fabulous Iceland Iceland is experiencing a time of revolution: artistically and socially, technologically and ideologically. It is said that art mirrors its society, and Iceland’s extensive Frankfurt exhibition will showcase the little island’s vast history and sublime beauty in numerous photography, film, music, dance, design, and architecture […]

Icelandic Industry to Turn Over New Leaf for Frankfurt

Iceland is a country often overlooked and misunderstood, wrongly considered an isolated island from which few cultural exports reach our shores. Having flourished from ranking as one of the poorest countries in the world to one rich in cultural exports, Iceland will again reinvent itself and re-release many of its ancient literature alongside edgy works by young poets as Guest of Honor at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. The fair is considered an annual meeting place for industry experts from around the world to “come together and create something new.” And […]

Built-a-Book: The Final 3 Weeks of Book Creation

Three posts across 6 weeks Everybody Wins!‘s Build-a-Book program is no mind-blowing achievement, but, if it’s any consolation (and it should be), the books our young author/editor/printer/illustrator/production coordinator/publicists created were so, so awesomely fantastic. If you ever get the chance to make a book with a child from beginning to end, you might also find yourself awestruck and admiring. The books that the teams presented to us yesterday (sales-meeting style), were all so funny and compassionate and clever, that for a moment, I completely forgot that The Future of Books […]

Book Jobs, Not by the Book: Adam Witty

Elisabeth sits down to talk with Adam Witty, Founder and CEO of Advantage Media, one of  Inc’s “30 under 30” best young entrepreneurs of 2011—and a man whose book career has definitely not been by the book.     Is it a bird? Is it a plane? … Is it a publisher? All I needed to know was that Adam Witty is in book business and was named one of Inc magazine’s “30 under 30” for 2011—and I was emailing his publicist within 5 minutes to set up an interview for […]

Design Candy: BEA

  Welcome to Design Candy: a column of design, covers, illustrations and other book-related images to spark your imagination.  Prepare to find here a mix of art and design that is – or could be – the next big thing for books. And what better way to kick off the eye candy than with one of the most visually-packed publishing occasions of the year – BEA!  I usually wander around the Javits overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of interesting design solutions.  Only this year, I managed to snap a few […]