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Built-a-Book: The Final 3 Weeks of Book Creation

Three posts across 6 weeks Everybody Wins!‘s Build-a-Book program is no mind-blowing achievement, but, if it’s any consolation (and it should be), the books our young author/editor/printer/illustrator/production coordinator/publicists created were so, so awesomely fantastic. If you ever get the chance to make a book with a child from beginning to end, you might also find yourself awestruck and admiring. The books that the teams presented to us yesterday (sales-meeting style), were all so funny and compassionate and clever, that for a moment, I completely forgot that The Future of Books […]

Build A Book: What All the Kids Are Talking About

Publishing Trendsetter is book business for the young folk, right? Meet Build-a-Book, book-business for very young folk. Seven and eight years young, in fact. Your fearless editor, letting nothing stand between her and second graders, markers, and picture-books, will be heading around the block to the Mid-Manhattan library every Monday lunchtime for the next 6 weeks for Everybody Wins! NY’s Build-a-Book Program. Everybody Wins! is a non-profit that combines the power of books and mentorship in their Power Lunch program, in which corporate volunteers go to a nearby school one day a week […]