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Biblioteca Reviews: Making Kids Book Reviews a Family Affair

On this episode of Serendipity in Social Media: When Eight Cousins Biblioteca Reviews (@bibliotecharev) started following Trendsetter on Twitter a few months back, I checked out their website and was simultaneously tickled and impressed. The eight cousins in question range in age from 2 to 12, and with the help of their parents maintain a website on which they record thoughts and recommendations on the books they read (and a few movies they watch). In my opinion, their project’s an energetic and entertaining answer to the questions both of Why book reviews? and […]

Bookcase Sheep: Perhaps the Best Press Release I Have Ever Received

OK, maybe not the best ever (there was that one about “robots perfect for every member of the family”…) but this one really made my week. Sample some of this copy, too: “You don’t need any tools to make this bookcase. You just put parts together.” Finishing process of all edges are saw blade so it is not harm in making and using furniture. “ They don’t have the sheep up on the website yet, but you can join me in keeping a feverish eye out (or choose another bookcase […]

Build A Book: What All the Kids Are Talking About

Publishing Trendsetter is book business for the young folk, right? Meet Build-a-Book, book-business for very young folk. Seven and eight years young, in fact. Your fearless editor, letting nothing stand between her and second graders, markers, and picture-books, will be heading around the block to the Mid-Manhattan library every Monday lunchtime for the next 6 weeks for Everybody Wins! NY’s Build-a-Book Program. Everybody Wins! is a non-profit that combines the power of books and mentorship in their Power Lunch program, in which corporate volunteers go to a nearby school one day a week […]