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The Hesperian Digital Commons: Field-testing & the Nonprofit Publisher

There are almost as many ways of doing nonprofit publishing as there are nonprofit publishers. One nonprofit publisher,¬†Hesperian Health Guides, recently launched its new Digital Commons, and while this project has challenges of its own, Lizzie LaCroix explains the ways in which the Commons are just the logical extention of Hesperian’s commitment to being connected with–and listening to–its audience at every stage of content-creation. by Lizzie LaCroix ***** Chances are if you find yourself in an emergency medical situation, the first thing you do is call 911. But what if […]

Book Piracy Made Easy, Or: Whose Book Is It Anyway?

Spoiler alert: with ebook discussions come ¬†copyright discussions. There are so many layers to these issues that people more experienced than I are still figuring out. Bureaucratic acrobatics abound. I was most recently baffled by the situation of certain European publishers who are finding it harder and harder to sell rights to US publishers because they (the EU publishers) insist on retaining e-rights. Is this because they want to try their hand at their own global English e-distribution? I asked Lucinda Karter of the French Publishers Agency. Well, if they […]