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Design Candy: Celebrity Bookshelves

Warning: this article may result in extreme jealousy. Hover your cursor over the images to read about Siobhan’s picks for trendsetting home libraries of the rich and famous. [slideshow_deploy id=’4012′]

Design Candy: 20th Century Polish Books

We’re thrilled to welcome Siobhan Gallagher‘s eye for design to Trendsetter. Here’s what she’s cooked up for us this month: I’m really excited to be able to contribute to Design Candy, and I’m starting it off by sharing one of my favorite design categories: Polish book covers. I recently got into Polish poster and book design after seeing an exhibition on The Brothers Quay at MoMA last summer that featured some Polish Surrealism, which I’d never seen before. It opened my eyes to the kind of graphic design that’s been […]

Design Candy: Rare Books at the Library of Congress

I’m so glad to be back with “Design Candy” here at Publishing Trendsetter – bringing you design inspiration to brighten up your work week. And what a way to return from my blogging hiatus than with a gold mine of gorgeous visuals, brought to you by the Library of Congress! The LoC has many digital collections available with just the click of a mouse, but my favorite of all is the Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room. I got lost for hours browsing unusual vintage treasures (especially in the […]

Design Candy: Three Book-Places I Love

When I need to gain inspiration, I try to find galleries, museums, or events around the city that combine my love of art, design AND books.  So if you have an afternoon to spend in New York City looking for the same inspiration, old and new, read on . . .  Photo by Joel Zimmer Art House Co-op – This small Williamsburg establishment is home to a VERY large exhibit: The Sketchbook Project.  Each year, thousands of artists contribute theme-based books (from a provided blank Moleskine), and the huge

Design Candy: Dingbats

There’s nothing more exciting to me than a vintage find, and “discovering” Champion Linen’s Dingbats in my office is no exception.  I got a rush of glee from opening the album-sized slipcase and unveiling the linen paper inserts of geegaws, flourishes and ornaments – each page more interesting than the next.  The tiny engraved images are culled from old Dover catalogs and designed in a most appealing way by Paula Scher. Dingbats are typographical ornaments that have been used throughout the history of printing to break space and decorate the […]

Design Candy: BEA

  Welcome to Design Candy: a column of design, covers, illustrations and other book-related images to spark your imagination.  Prepare to find here a mix of art and design that is – or could be – the next big thing for books. And what better way to kick off the eye candy than with one of the most visually-packed publishing occasions of the year – BEA!  I usually wander around the Javits overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of interesting design solutions.  Only this year, I managed to snap a few […]