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Book Jobs Not By The Book: Samantha Howard, Research and Editorial Associate

While our last post gave us an opportunity to engage our new editors in a discussion about a popular topic here on Trendsetter, we thought we would further introduce you to our new staff. Samantha Howard graduated from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan with a double major in English and Women & Gender Studies. She moved to New York City in May of 2011 for an internship at W.W. Norton and Company and came to Publishing Trendsetter/Market Partners International after working for a couple of literary agencies. ***** What […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Hillary Doyle, Cross-Channel and Sub-Rights

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Hillary Doyle is a recent graduate of the Ohio State University, where she double-majored in English and Linguistics. She moved to New York City after graduating this May to start an internship at Scholastic on the Rights and Co-Editions Team. She is thrilled to now work at Scholastic full time as the Cross-Channel and Rights Assistant. ***** What was your first exposure to book business? What were the most important things you gained from it? My first job in book business was an internship at a very […]

What Not to Wear, Interview Edition: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4 Day 2

The night before an interview, you can usually find me in my closet, mixing and matching every professional piece of clothing in my repertoire, only emerging once in a while to get feedback from my roommate. Perhaps it sounds superficial, but there’s a set philosophy behind it: having already done my research and run through my answers to any hypothetical questions in my head, the only thing that helps calm the nerves is organizing the only thing I can control – my appearance. Think of the interview outfit as your […]

To Blog or Not to Blog: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 3, Day 4

Bouncing off our post from Week 1 about refining your online persona, it may be helpful to start a blog before or during your job search. You may have heard about people whose blogs helped them land jobs, like Marian Schmebari, whose “How to Get a Job in Publishing” post for Publishing Trends sparked this entire series (or yours truly, whose creative writing blog sparked some interest when I was applying for internships). But signing up for a blog just to post funny cat videos and long laments about your […]

Hunting down the best book-job listings: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2

 It’s time to send your polished resume and cover letter to some great job openings…once you find them. Here’re some places to start hunting. We publishers are an exclusive bunch. Though, yes, we probably do have some listings on, we mostly stick to our own websites: The name says it all. Hosted by the AAP, is a website solely devoted to connecting people with publishing and book business jobs and internships. They also feature testimonials from job-searchers, resources for minorities, and lovely features like “New to Publishing? […]

How to Write a Resume: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 1

Click image to view full size. Resume: the document that has all but metonymically come to stand for the job search itself. There’s more good/important/serious stuff about resumes online than you can shake a stick at. There are people who make resumes their profession. (Though if that’s the career you’re after, you might be on the wrong blog). But these are all great reasons to keep this as short as we can, and base it on the practicals of what has worked for us and people we trust. I promise: this […]