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4 Days in Literary Heaven: A First-Timer’s BEA 2013 Recap

Marnise was Publishing Trendsetter’s Spring 2013 intern, and kindly agreed to come to New York City for the week of BEA 2013 and give us her take on the whole thing. She currently works as a publicist for Entangled, and can be followed on her various adventures at @marnisetucker.  Last week I was lucky enough to attend the biggest book convention in the United States. For 4 wonderful days I was amongst the fabulous book professionals and lovers attending BookExpo America. Never having attended a convention of this magnitude, I […]

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My First BEA

This post was originally published on May 31, 2012. It’s that time of year again: time to just avoid destroying your computer (and perhaps a window) out of frustration with the BEA website; time to deliberate over which of your comfy shoes you look most professional in; time to save up so you might just be able to afford one Javits-priced coffee. Well, for some of us it’s that time “again,” for others, it’s the very first time. This year will be my own second BookExpo America; but here’s some “first-timer […]

What the Next Generation Thinks: A BEA Panel

In one of the final education events of BookExpo America 2012, two past and two current participants in NYU’s Masters in Publishing joined a panel to discuss the subject of “What The Next Generation Thinks: New Voices In Publishing Speak Out.” The panel was moderated by Andrea Chambers, Director of the Center for Publishing at NYU-SCPS, and despite Thursday being the day when most people start to disappear from BEA before the morning’s even out, the seminar room boasted a healthy crowd. The two students currently enrolled in the program […]

5 Tips for Making the Most of a Book Fair

Lisa Vanterpool brought us right into the action with her great post last week about her first day at the London Book Fair. Now, with a bit of distance–and time to rest and recover–she offers some great tips about how a young book professional can get the most out of a fair like LBF…or BookExpo America in just one month’s time, hint hint…     by Lisa Vanterpool Now that things have settled down from The London Book Fair, and my feet have rested from pounding the exhibitor floor, I […]

Trendsetter’s Looking for a London Book Fair Correspondent

Are you a young book professional who will be attending the London Book Fair 2012? Been told you write awesome postcards home? Publishing Trendsetter would love to make you our LBF correspondent! If you’re willing to take some pictures and write a few short posts on the best things you learn and see for those of us not lucky enough to be at Earls Court in a few weeks, get in touch at [email protected] 

The NY Art Book Fair: The Savvy Hipster’s Answer to BEA

Hello, Trendsetters! If you noticed a bit a lull around here lately, you wouldn’t be mistaken. I, your intrepid editor, was traipsing around Morocco, taking a much-needed holiday from computers (among other things). And like everyone else in Bookland, we’ve been busier and busier around the office with Frankfurt prep–especially plans for Market Partners International‘s contribution to the festivities, Publishers Launch: Children’s Publishing Goes Digital, hosted by our president, Lorraine Shanely. But in the face of all of this Out of the Ordinary, Intern Julia did a fabulous job of […]

Renewed, Revamped: Frankfurt Slogan Undergoes Revision for 2011

Rethink. Renew. Though these words have been the slogan for the Frankfurt Book Fair for quite some time now, 2011 marks the first year they’ve earned a spot on the logo. Trendsetter wanted to find out why, and we didn’t have to look very far. Frankfurt Director Juergen Boos attributes the logo change to a larger change occurring in the industry. Read on for an excerpt from the Frankfurt Book Fair’s official blog: “This year we’ve placed a slogan alongside our logo, and a lot of people have asked me […]

Calling All First-time Frankfurt Stories

If you work in book business, it’s a bit like making the Hajj: It happens once a year; you’ll be joined by other “People of the Book” from every tongue, tribe, and nation; and more than a few people go there hoping for miracles. The Frankfurt Book Fair is coming up in a few weeks, and we want to hear what it’s like when the magic is new. Do you have an incredible story of the first time you went decades ago? Was last year your first year? Maybe this […]

Publishing the World Gathers Fans of Translation, Cross-Cultural Dialogue, and Other Buzz-words

Since we got so many enthusiastic responses to Rachel’s great write-up of Samantha Steele last week, we thought we’d give you another peek into further developments for young folk wanting to pursue a career in translation or foreign rights. On a balmy evening last week, around 50 young book-biz folk and other noteworthies gathered in the courtyard of a Soho bar to celebrate the launch of Publishing the World. The undertaking is a joint venture between the German Book Office and the French Publishers Agency, hosted by Brittany Hazelwood on […]