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Academic Publishing on Film: A Conversation with Mary Rose Synek

Given Publishing Trendsetter’s mild fixation on the under-explored corners of book business, I was immediately intrigued when I heard about Mary Rose Synek. She’s an actor and filmmaker who’s worked on a variety of productions and projects, and is currently the Director of the Writing Institute at Armory College Prep. But the project that piqued my curiosity is her series of five short documentaries developed over the last five years. Her subject: behind the scenes of professional and scholarly publishing. I spoke to Mary Rose Synek a few days after […]

Profiles in Publishing: Maxwell Perkins

Welcome to Publishing Trendsetter’s newest feature, Profiles in Publishing! Though we almost always look to the current & future situations of the publishing industry to better understand how to adapt to changes within it, it is important to acknowledge the rich (and almost always entertaining) past of this inspiring business. We’ll share some of the most influential figures in the business, and we start with one of the most famous editors of all time. Name: Maxwell Perkins Birthdate/Place: September 20, 1884, New York City Publisher Associated With: Scribner’s Claim to Fame: Often […]

StoryDrive 2012 at the Frankfurt Book Fair: Digital Advances Made (a bit more) Easy

Authors, publishers, agents, executives, marketers, publicists, designers, you name it–everyone in the publishing world is gearing up for the Frankfurt Book Fair. The annual event is a gathering where all aspects of the book are showcased and explored–the making of, the selling of, the appeal of, the history of, the future of. Frankfurt’s Digital Initiative, SPARKS, is sponsoring StoryDrive 2012, a ‘trend show’ and ‘market place’ of crossmedia design. The Frankfurt Book Fair began StoryDrive in 2010, to what Publisher’s Weekly described as, “anemic” crowds who gathered to see admittedly […]

Read the Show, Watch the Book

Which came first: the film or the book? A liiiittle harder to tell than usual with this new project over at Wattpad. Pam Odina, who’s in publicity over there, explained the project to us this way: “BeActive Entertainment is syndicating a novel, [Aisling’s Diary] with the accompanying web series episode each week onto the Wattpad platform – web and Android and iOS apps. Instead of reading a novel and then waiting until a series or movie adaptation comes out, the webisode/novel hybrid will let readers/watchers experience the content simultaneously.” Do you think […]