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Book Jobs Not by the Book: Andy Meisenheimer, Freelance Writer and Editor

Andy Meisenheimer is a freelance writer and editor. He edits manuscripts for writers and for publishers, coaches published and unpublished writers in the art and craft of writing, and writes for fun and for profit. He is a fiction editor for The Red Fez, an online literary magazine. He lives with his family in New York City. Give us a little bit of your history in publishing, and how you got started freelancing. I started in college working at an indie bookstore, managing frontlist and backlist, among other things. From […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Rachel Waxman, Author Publicity

Although she now has a fulltime job, Rachel Waxman’s story of starting her career outside of NYC and of using freelance work to find her ideal niche in book business is the sort of story we always like to hear. Rachel is a Kansas City native and a graduate of Northwestern University, where she did not study English or creative writing. She currently works for Lucinda Literary, a New York-based author marketing and publicity agency. She is also a writer, and her first book, The Crickhowell School for the Muses, will be published in […]

5E: Five Editors, Five Perspectives, Freelance Editors Band Together

One creative solution to being lost in the sea of freelancers–what’s yours? When thinking about a professional future in publishing, the question of freelancing is bound to come up–especially for editors and especially in the increasingly “outsourced” climate we live in. Last week, one publishing veteran, Jeremy Soldevilla had some great ideas for the ways that freelancing can contribute to building a career. But what if you’re a few years in? Is being a freelance editor, publicist, or marketer as rewarding, challenging, lucrative or–to use a very technical term–“real” as […]