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Your Next Job in Publishing: Sage Advice from Across the Industry

“How to Get a Job in Publishing” has been Publishing Trends‘ most popular article for years–and for good reason. But getting that first job is just the beginning, so we set out to discover what keeps people in publishing after that first job. Survey results ran last week, and today’s feature article on Publishing Trends is taken from hours of interviews with professionals of all ages. Trendsetter’s exclusive “Next Job” feature will run later this week, but for today, though, here are our favorite pearls of wisdom, the best of […]

Book Jobs Not By the Book: Oriana Leckert of Gotham Ghostwriters

    Oriana Leckert of  Gotham Ghostwriters, in conversation about this occasionally maligned side of book business, and how, contrary to what its name might imply, ghostwriting is a corner of the industry that’s looking very “alive” indeed. ****     What was your first job in book business and what were the most important things you gained from it? I had a series of first book -jobs—first internship (the now defunct Incommunicado Press), first agency (Don Maass Literary Agency), first editorial assistantship (Random House)—but my real entrée was before […]