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“Will Amazon Lead Us to the Golden Age of Books?”: A Panel Event

What do you get when you put an author, an executive editor, a bookstore owner, and a radio host into a room together and ask them about Amazon’s influence on the book publishing industry?  Hosts New America Foundation NYC and Slate’s Future Tense gave people a chance to find out last night with the “Will Amazon Lead Us to the Golden Age of Books?” panel event. The panelists dove right into discussing Amazon’s influence on the book industry and its even larger influence on getting everyone involved in discussing the book […]

Top 5 Publishing News Stories 2/10-2/14

Every week we recommend 5 publishing news stories that young book professionals should read to feel more connected to what’s going on in the industry. There are only 5, so even if you weren’t able to read a thing all week, these should help keep you in the know. In response to faltering sales, Barnes & Noble overhauls its hardware division and looks to move the Nook Study platform in a new direction. Looking to expand into digital and print books, DreamWorks launches an in-house imprint, DreamWorks Press. Hugh Howey uses data from Amazon […]