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Top 5 Publishing News Stories 10/8-10/12

Every week we recommend 5 publishing news stories that young book professionals should read to feel more connected to what’s going on in the industry. There are only 5, so even if you weren’t able to read a thing all week, these should help keep you in the know. Penguin Random House will launch a Southeast Asian operation next year. Writer Stephen Elliott is suing the creator of the “Shitty Media Men” spreadsheet. New York Comic Con hit an attendance record. McNally Jackson is leaving its Nolita location. The 2018 […]

What Brexit Means for the Publishing Industry

General Response Citizens of the world were shocked when the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union on Thursday, June 23rd . Many have likened the scenario to one of doomsday fiction. English novelist Robert Harris wrote on Twitter, “Feel as if I’m living in a bad dystopian political thriller.” However, despite people’s shock, British feelings of separatism from the EU are not new. According to the New York Times, Britain was initially reluctant to join with its neighbors in Europe when the European Economic Community was founded in 1957. After only two years of membership, […]