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Q&A with Donna Kaufman: Getting Bookstore Owners Off to a Great Start

Donna Kaufman is the co-founder of Paz & Associates, a Bookstore Training and Consulting Group. The former bookstore manager decided to assist aspiring bookstore owners all over the world in success during an era when stores are rapidly becoming virtualized. She spoke we us about the best parts of her job and about making sure new booksellers have the tools to contribute to book business and their communities for years to come. **** How did you get involved with the industry? In 1982, after I’d graduated from college, I got a job […]

The Way We Were: Publishers’ Websites “Readux”

Many thanks to international colleague Amanda DeMarco at for sending us her “deutscher Twist” to last week’s “Ten Years on the Information Highway.”  We especially love her cross-cultural commentary: Comparing the Germans to their American brethren, you’ll notice a few key differences. While Americans use the ‘flash-boom-bang!’ potential of the internet to crowd their pages with as much disorganized crap as possible, to present jumbled piles of images, and to really own the gif, Germans take a nearly minimalist approach, one that aged much better I must admit. Check it out here.