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The Joys of Being an Intern: A Roundtable Discussion Based on Ross Perlin’s Intern Nation

For anyone looking to start a career in publishing, the first step is getting a foot in the door. While entry level jobs usually represent the threshold, internships have almost become essential precursors to gain entry. Yet despite the importance of having an internship on your resume, internships can often be frustrating exercises, either consisting of coffee-fetching and paper-copying or exploiting young talent with high job demands and little to no pay. Internships have come under fire a lot in recent media, with some very prominent lawsuits even forcing major […]

Unpaid Publishing Internships: A Possible Solution

During The Great Canadian Publishing Tour, Erinne Sevigny traveled from Canada’s west coast to east coast and visited publishers of varying sizes and mandates–and blogged all about it. Self-publishing presses, small literary houses, houses experimenting with new models, and corporate multinationals all invited Erinne into their offices (and sometimes homes). While investigating the Canadian publishing landscape to prove that publishing was not dying, she also explored how the people (their histories and passions) and the spaces (their physical surroundings in both structure and geography) affected their books and business. This […]

5 Reasons You Might Want to Get into Academic Publishing

My aspirations in publishing almost always come up when discussing life after college. The world I may be soon working in–according to friends of my parents and neighbors I run into in the supermarket–is incredibly glamorous. My excitable hairstylist asked me last week, “When will you get to meet the lady who writes Harry Potter?!” For most, the world of publishing is represented almost wholly by the goings-on of the trade sector, so it’s not hard to see why I figured I’d inevitably want to end up inking big fiction […]

Undergraduate Publishing Programs: What’s the Advantage?

As a treat–and as a passive-aggressive gesture to urge me to make up my mind as to what I was going to do with my life–my mother took me on a “field trip” to Simon & Schuster. A friend of a family friend worked in the children’s department there, and it was the summer before my senior year of high school–that time when push comes to shove when choosing a path in life. My mother, knowing I had an affinity for literature, figured that this might be an alternative career […]

Internviews Part 3: A Retrospective

Livia Nelson interned at Publishing Trendsetter from early May (before its launch) until a few weeks ago. Now that she’s back at school, she kindly agreed to retrospectively share her thoughts and answer questions about her experience. *** What specific tasks or projects completed across the summer do you feel were most valuable to your professional development? This is a difficult one… all of them? My tasks for Market Partners International taught me a lot more about the industry in general, which of course is important. As far as Publishing Trends, […]

Why the NYU Summer Publishing Institute?

As we talk about all the things that can prepare you for the professional world of publishing and what are the best things for you, it seemed fitting to have our newest team member, Julia Nollen, tell us why she chose do to NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute Certificate program. Is it really worth the time and money, we wondered? As a recent college graduate and MPI‘s newest intern, I want to pursue a career in publishing because I enjoy every step of the process. Write, read, revise, design, discuss, repeat. […]

Internship or Job? Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 1

We’re off to the races! We hope you’ll accompany Jake on his job-finding journey over the next few weeks, and hope he and you both have very good luck. An important thing to evaluate before (or as) you set out on the great Publishing Entry Adventure, is how your experience and skills fit in with the current industry climate. That doesn’t mean, “The economic upswing is slow and publishers are reeling from falling book sales and digital, so no matter what my only hope is an unpaid internship.” What you—and Jake—will […]

Internviews: “Halfway”

Livia Nelson is the Editorial Assistant at Publishing Trendsetter, as well as Market Partners International and Publishing Trends‘ summer intern. In early May, Trendsetter asked her some preliminary questions about what she hoped to accomplish. Now that she her internship is halfway complete, we followed up. A third installment will come at the end of the summer. Trendsetter: What projects or areas of work at Publishing Trends and MPI have you enjoyed the most? What more do you hope to do before you leave? Livia: In it’s own infinite reflection way, helping […]

How To Get An Internship in Publishing: 5 Tips

Having an internship, whether pre- or post-graduation, is the true “Step 0” in a publishing career. Here, Livia Nelson, intern at Market Partners International /Publishing Trends and Editorial Assistant for Publishing Trendsetter, shares insight about her journey from overwhelmed college junior to happy-as-a-clam summer intern. 1. Figure out how to live in or near New York City Of course you’ll be able to find publishing internships in other major cities, or even at small presses in more suburban towns. But New York City is where it’s at. Wanting to work […]