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Jake’s Reaction to Book-Job Boot Camp Week 5: Biding Your Time

Every week, Trendsetter’s own protege book-job-seeker Jake follows our advice posts in his quest to land a job in publishing. This week he talks about biding his time without losing his mind as the job search feels like it’s dragging on forever…

Jake’s Reactions to Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4: The Interview

Every week, our own Book-Job boot-camper Jake weighs in on how our tips from the week have helped him out. While this week, “The Interview”, is unique because it’s too soon for Jake to have been contacted about any interviews–he just sent out his applications two weeks ago–he talks here about what our advice taught him about interviews he’s had in the past.

Getting the Interview, Giving the Right Impression: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 4 Day 1

The Interview: Finally, you may collect $200 and pass Go. Or so it usually feels, once you get that first call or email (minus the $200… that would be nice). The interview is also the scariest part of the job search and different from many of the other aspects. Rather like Networking, the Interview throws that ever-unpredictable wildcard—other people—onto the table. Also, an “interview” is unofficially going on for more time than you spend sitting across the desk from the interviewer. And what if it’s a phone interview? What then? A […]

Which [Hypothetical] Job is Right for You?: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2

Book-Job Boot Camp ♦ Week 2, Tuesday We won’t say that we’re presuming ignorance—but because Julie Andrews informs us the very beginning is a very good place to start, and because we follow her lead whenever possible, Let’s Start at the Very Beginning. If you’re applying to internships only, your listings of choice will be pretty clear: primarily from Bookjobs’ internship page, or from a publisher’s own website. If there’s a small publishing house whose work you’re a huge fan of, but you can’t find out whether they offer internships, write […]

Hunting down the best book-job listings: Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 2

 It’s time to send your polished resume and cover letter to some great job openings…once you find them. Here’re some places to start hunting. We publishers are an exclusive bunch. Though, yes, we probably do have some listings on, we mostly stick to our own websites: The name says it all. Hosted by the AAP, is a website solely devoted to connecting people with publishing and book business jobs and internships. They also feature testimonials from job-searchers, resources for minorities, and lovely features like “New to Publishing? […]

Jake’s Reaction to Book-Job Boot Camp Week 1

The first week of Book-Job Boot Camp, Preparing to Apply, is over, and we were excited to see how whether our tips helped Jake, a real-life, pub-job-hunting twenty-something living in New York City. Check out his reaction to Week 1:   And make sure to check back in Monday morning for our first installment of next week’s theme: Applying!

Internship or Job? Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 1

We’re off to the races! We hope you’ll accompany Jake on his job-finding journey over the next few weeks, and hope he and you both have very good luck. An important thing to evaluate before (or as) you set out on the great Publishing Entry Adventure, is how your experience and skills fit in with the current industry climate. That doesn’t mean, “The economic upswing is slow and publishers are reeling from falling book sales and digital, so no matter what my only hope is an unpaid internship.” What you—and Jake—will […]