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Deck the Shelves! Joy Chooses “The Weird Sisters”

Joy Azmitia is an Agent at Russell & Volkening Literary Agency. She’s also the first person who agreed to make a video for Life Cycle of a Book, and will therefore always hold a special place in the Trendsetter Hall of Fame slash our hearts. (You can watch her wonderful video on the lit agent life here).   The Weird Sisters   by Eleanor Brown Amy Einhorn Books (Putnam) $24.95 Hardcover; $15.00 Paperback Reason why I would buy this book as a gift this Christmas:  I fell in love with the […]

Lifecycle of a Book: Adam Gidwitz, Author Publicity

And so we come full-circle. It’s been a fantastic ride, and we’ve heard so many bright perspectives and ideas about many–though not all–the ins-and-outs of book business. Now we’ve brought Adam Gidwitz, endlessly energetic author of A Tale Dark and Grimm, back to talk about just how much energy is required once publication transforms a writer into an author. The role of the author in publicity and promotion is a very hot topic right now in circles where topics related to publisher strategy can be thought of as “hot.” Digital […]

Lifecycle of a Book: Jenn McMurray, Book Distribution

Distribution!! Yeah!!! Wait…what’s that again? If you’re an aspiring book professional who’s anything like most of us were when we were still at the “aspiring” stage, you may have no idea what, exactly, a distributor does in a book’s Lifecycle. Good thing Jenn McMurray from Greenleaf Book Group is here to get learn us all sumthin.’ Because trust me, only when you start to learn a bit will you discover how very little you know, and how much having good distribution is like having SUPERPOWERS.   

Lifecycle of a Book: Jenn Northington and Stephanie Anderson

In our latest installment of the Lifecycle of a Book series, book buyers Jenn Northington and Stephanie Anderson of WORD walk us through what it’s like to decide which books to buy and sell. Spread the word!

Lifecycle of a Book: Tamarra Henry, Sales Department

Sooo…how do we actually sell this thing? Tamarra Henry from Macmillan fills us in on this crucial stage of getting a finished book to the people who can get that book to YOU.

Lifecycle of a Book: Jihan Antoine, Book Publicity

Extra, extra, read (or watch or hear) all about it! What does it take to get the word out about a great book and great author? Jihan Antoine of Hachette Book Group shares some of the ways hard-working book publicists make this happen.

Lifecycle of a Book: Regina Roff, Design

Ah, les artistes…and how do they fit into the book world, again? Regina Roff of Bloomsbury and Walker Books for Young Readers is here to inform you on this stage in the Lifecycle of a Book.    

Lifecycle of a Book: Ashley Horna, Production

The people in publishers’ Production departments are, I think almost invariably, the great unsung heroes of the book industry. Print or digital, rain or shine, we need our production experts more than we might even be able to wrap our brains around. Ashley Horna is here to give you an idea of why her department is so essential.  

Lifecycle of a Book: Latoya Smith, Editorial

Ah, Editorial…that most visible, coveted, and glamorous of publishing jobs…right? Or two truths and a lie? We left it to Latoya Smith at Grand Central Publishing to set us straight.