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MFA vs. NYC vs. A Trendsetter Roundtable

When MFA vs. NYC (n+1/Faber and Faber, 2014) first was published, it ruffled some feathers, probably because of the subtitle: The Two Cultures of American Fiction. The collection of essays featured insights from authors who have completed MFAs, those who have not, and pieces from those who work inside the publishing industry. How do these stories stack up? And do MFA graduates and NYC writers really comprise “the two cultures of American fiction?” Your Publishing Trendsetter editors, Kimberly, and Samantha sat down and discussed the book with Livia Nelson, former Trendsetter intern […]

The Yeah Write Review

One of Publishing Trendsetter’s former interns (the intern that helped Trendsetter initially go live, actually), has launched her own literary review! Livia Nelson is selling digital as well as hard copies of the Yeah Write Review, which includes everything from writing advice to wonderful short stories. We at Trendsetter are very proud, and invite you to check out the premier issue, as well as Livia’s Yeah Write! tumblr, the popular blog that started it all.