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Bye, Guys; Be Nice: Thoughts on Peer Mentoring & Fond Farewell

More than two years after I (somehow) convinced my extraordinarily generous bosses to let me start a Publishing Trends spin-off for young publishing professionals, I’m off to start something new: I’m headed off to work in Subsidiary Rights at Simon & Schuster. I would never have pursued this new area of book business as I have without the perspective my job at Trendsetter provided. So, for me at least, Trendsetter has more than delivered on its founding goal of enriching young book professionals’ careers by giving a “birds-eye view” of the […]

Young Authors Give Back Tour: The [Give] Backstory

Four young authors who are stoked about mentorship, going on a road trip to pay it forward. As soon as we caught wind of the Young Authors Give Back tour, we knew we had to invite them to share their two cents on Trendsetter. Here, Kat, Erin, Sarah, and Susan talk about how they hatched a plan not only to spend quality time with each other and their readers, but also to mentor other young writers and to make book business feel more like a community–a welcoming one, at that.    […]

Guest Post: Mentors in My Publishing Past

This piece originally ran on August 8, 2012 on Yours in Books, the blog of Meredith Rutter, author and veteran publishing professional. Meredith’s career has run the gamut from her first job at a textbook company in Boston to founding her own packaging company that grew to employ over 100 people. After selling a trade publishing house she also founded, she finally settled down to being a full-time writer. She’s published a family biography/memoir, The Cleveland Rutters and is now at work on a novel. Meredith’s “chronology” of mentors both spectacular and lackluster wonderfully demonstrates how […]

Built-a-Book: The Final 3 Weeks of Book Creation

Three posts across 6 weeks Everybody Wins!‘s Build-a-Book program is no mind-blowing achievement, but, if it’s any consolation (and it should be), the books our young author/editor/printer/illustrator/production coordinator/publicists created were so, so awesomely fantastic. If you ever get the chance to make a book with a child from beginning to end, you might also find yourself awestruck and admiring. The books that the teams presented to us yesterday (sales-meeting style), were all so funny and compassionate and clever, that for a moment, I completely forgot that The Future of Books […]

How to Get the Job You WANT in Publishing

        In response to our “How to Get a Job” pieces, we’ve received some excellent responses—from all-too-familiar stories to thought-expandingquestions. One recent question struck me as especially important, and a vital side of the “path-finding” equation. I asked around among the experts we always have on speed-dial here at Trendsetter and promised our reader that at least one article would be addressed to her question.     This particular question came from a woman who’s been in production for 4 years at a Big 6 house. Just […]

The Ashmead Award: Part I

At this moment, Sharon Bowers (Agent at The Miller Agency), Brenda Segel (SVP and Director of Rights at HarperCollins), Emma Sweeney (The Emma Sweeney Agency), and Jason Kaufman (Editor at DoubleDay) are likely pouring over nominations for the first ever Larry Ashmead Award, trying to decide which up-and-coming editor deserves to be recognized for his/her work and attend this year’s Yale Publishing Course. As part of our mentorship series, Trendsetter talked to the Award’s four founders about their relationships with the late and great Larry Ashmead, how they hope to […]