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From London to New York: Book Publishing Culture Shock (Kindof)

Lisa Vanterpool just finished her MA in Publishing at Kingston University in London, where she also worked at a literary and film agency. She moved to New York  last month and has embarked on the next phase of her publishing career, joining the team at InkWell Management as a Public Relations and Social Media Strategist. Here are some of her first impressions of the the contrasts between book biz on either side of the Pond. **** “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, New […]

Profiles in Publishing: The Harper Brothers

James and John Harper, the two eldest Harper brothers, founded J & J Harper in 1817. They were joined by their two younger brothers, Joseph Wesley and Fletcher, in the mid-1820s. The house’s name was subsequently changed to Harper & Brothers. Their breakthrough title was Maria Monk’s Awful Disclosures, which detailed the sexual exploitation of a Catholic nun. After the success of this (admittedly, pretty dark) book, the oldest and the youngest Harper finished out their careers extremely differently. Name: Fletcher Harper  Birthdate/place: January 31, 1806, Newton, NY Publisher Associated With: […]

Attached at the Hip: New York, Publishing, and (it turns out) Me

Let me start by saying that I never wanted to live in New York City. My parents are both native New Jerseyites who deliberately left the New York metro area so that they wouldn’t have to raise children there. I grew up in suburban Northern Virginia, and my earliest impressions of New York were that it was a dirty, loud, crowded city where everyone wore black and was rude all the time. I didn’t actually visit New York until I was ten, and though I was impressed by the tall […]