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What Is the Difference Between an Ebook and an App?

Over at Publishing Trends, we’ve been at work on our 2012 App Developer Round-up, and let me tell you, just as a LOT has changed with ebooks since this time last year, a LOT has changed with the way book publishers view apps, too. You probably know that ebooks are a lot more standard, bread-and-butter fare in the digital publishing arena, and you probably know that apps are increasingly important, especially in children’s…but, getting down to brass tacks, just what is the difference between an ebook and an app? In […]

Lifecycle of a Book: Ashley Horna, Production

The people in publishers’ Production departments are, I think almost invariably, the great unsung heroes of the book industry. Print or digital, rain or shine, we need our production experts more than we might even be able to wrap our brains around. Ashley Horna is here to give you an idea of why her department is so essential.  

How to Get the Job You WANT in Publishing

        In response to our “How to Get a Job” pieces, we’ve received some excellent responses—from all-too-familiar stories to thought-expandingquestions. One recent question struck me as especially important, and a vital side of the “path-finding” equation. I asked around among the experts we always have on speed-dial here at Trendsetter and promised our reader that at least one article would be addressed to her question.     This particular question came from a woman who’s been in production for 4 years at a Big 6 house. Just […]