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Author Perspectives Podcast: Megan Mulry

In our revival of the Author Perspectives Podcast, join Lena Morris for an interview with USA Today-bestselling author Megan Mulry, whose book, If the Shoe Fits, came out on July 2nd.  Megan discusses the publishing profession from the author’s point of view: from the fine lines between Romance and Women’s Fiction in the evolving world of book publishing to the way ebooks and social media have changed the author’s role. As a relatively new author, she emphasized the importance of literary agents and the joy of feeling like she had a part in the process […]

Young Authors Give Back Tour: The [Give] Backstory

Four young authors who are stoked about mentorship, going on a road trip to pay it forward. As soon as we caught wind of the Young Authors Give Back tour, we knew we had to invite them to share their two cents on Trendsetter. Here, Kat, Erin, Sarah, and Susan talk about how they hatched a plan not only to spend quality time with each other and their readers, but also to mentor other young writers and to make book business feel more like a community–a welcoming one, at that.    […]

Book Jobs Not by the Book: Rachel Waxman, Author Publicity

Although she now has a fulltime job, Rachel Waxman’s story of starting her career outside of NYC and of using freelance work to find her ideal niche in book business is the sort of story we always like to hear. Rachel is a Kansas City native and a graduate of Northwestern University, where she did not study English or creative writing. She currently works for Lucinda Literary, a New York-based author marketing and publicity agency. She is also a writer, and her first book, The Crickhowell School for the Muses, will be published in […]

Lifecycle of a Book: Adam Gidwitz, Author Publicity

And so we come full-circle. It’s been a fantastic ride, and we’ve heard so many bright perspectives and ideas about many–though not all–the ins-and-outs of book business. Now we’ve brought Adam Gidwitz, endlessly energetic author of A Tale Dark and Grimm, back to talk about just how much energy is required once publication transforms a writer into an author. The role of the author in publicity and promotion is a very hot topic right now in circles where topics related to publisher strategy can be thought of as “hot.” Digital […]

Lifecycle of a Book: Jihan Antoine, Book Publicity

Extra, extra, read (or watch or hear) all about it! What does it take to get the word out about a great book and great author? Jihan Antoine of Hachette Book Group shares some of the ways hard-working book publicists make this happen.

Author Perspectives Podcast: Mary Kay Andrews

Join podcast host Dana Barrett ( for a chat with New York Times-bestselling author Mary Kay Andrews (SUMMER RENTAL). In today’s podcast, Mary Kay Andrews and I talk about how the world of publicity has changed in the digital era and about the editors’ role in developing new writing talent. We also chat about the “clutter” on shelves and how to find a quality book without wasting time and money.