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The Piracy Project, or: Will the “Real Author” Please Stand Up?

As promised in last week’s post,  it’s time for a more in-depth look at my favorite thing from the NY Art Book Fair, held September 30th-October 2nd. Namely, The Piracy Project at the Byam Shaw Library. By far one of the most intellectually sexy exhibits I ran across at the Fair, the Piracy Project was, when I happened upon it, represented by only one of its overseers, Eva Weinmayr, sitting behind a folding table covered in books and documents of all shapes and sizes. Her colleague and co-director, Lynn Harris, […]

Read the Show, Watch the Book

Which came first: the film or the book? A liiiittle harder to tell than usual with this new project over at Wattpad. Pam Odina, who’s in publicity over there, explained the project to us this way: “BeActive Entertainment is syndicating a novel, [Aisling’s Diary] with the accompanying web series episode each week onto the Wattpad platform – web and Android and iOS apps. Instead of reading a novel and then waiting until a series or movie adaptation comes out, the webisode/novel hybrid will let readers/watchers experience the content simultaneously.” Do you think […]