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The Joys of Being an Intern: A Roundtable Discussion Based on Ross Perlin’s Intern Nation

For anyone looking to start a career in publishing, the first step is getting a foot in the door. While entry level jobs usually represent the threshold, internships have almost become essential precursors to gain entry. Yet despite the importance of having an internship on your resume, internships can often be frustrating exercises, either consisting of coffee-fetching and paper-copying or exploiting young talent with high job demands and little to no pay. Internships have come under fire a lot in recent media, with some very prominent lawsuits even forcing major […]

#Pitchmadness: Twitter’s Contribution to Querying

Querying isn’t just done through snail mail or email anymore: Twitter is the new way to get a literary agent’s interest. When writer Brenda Drake wanted to take writing contests to Twitter, she created the game, #pitchmadness. How effective is #pitchmadness at finding star authors, and what kind of benefits are agents seeing from participating in these online games with writers? While #pitchmadness probably won’t overtake traditional querying, it does have its benefits. According to Drake, #pitchmadness’ rules are always changing, but there are a set of ground rules: slush […]