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For What It’s Worth: Fixed Book Price in Foreign Book Markets

Earlier this year, France made publishing news headlines when its court ruled ebook subscription services like Kindle Unlimited illegal. The law cited was the Lang Law, which gives publishers the exclusive right to set the price of a book. Retailers are not allowed to discount more than 5 percent from this set price. You may be thinking, A measly 5 percent? Here in the United States, we’re used to seeing 50 percent or more slashed off our books. Price fixing in general is regarded as suspect and is, in fact, […]

5 Top Publishing News Stories of the Week: 1/7-1/11

Every week we recommend 5 links to publishing news that the young professional should read to feel more informed and connected to what’s going on in the industry. There are only 5, so even if you weren’t able to read a thing all week, these should help keep you in the know. Amazing what a little Wal-Mart can do: Bookscan started reporting book sales from Wal-Mart, and watched the mass-market category grow by big-box proportions, which is to say, around 65%. Turkish citizens have a lot of reading to catch […]