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Branding by Video

Editor’s note: This post also appears on our host site, Publishing Trends.  It turns out Simon & Schuster, who has been gaining press attention with the release of its “Behind the Book” video series, isn’t the only publishing company that’s been building its video cache. We’ve decided to gather a few together for viewing. Here’s a little background in case you missed it: S&S uploaded 5 videos of book editors giving details on how certain titles came to be as a start to their series last week. S&S Executive VP and Chief […]

5 Top Publishing News Stories of the Week, 8/19 – 8/23

Every week we recommend 5 publishing news stories that the young professional should read to feel more connected to what’s going on in the industry. There are only 5, so even if you weren’t able to read a thing all week, these should help keep you in the know. *** The TV bookclub is back, with The Today Show’s new venture. The first pick is The Bone Season, a dystopian novel from Bloomsbury. In a major reshuffle of two of the US publishing industry’s largest “intelligence brokers,” Nielson Bookscan acquired Bowker’s industry […]

Academic Publishing on Film: A Conversation with Mary Rose Synek

Given Publishing Trendsetter’s mild fixation on the under-explored corners of book business, I was immediately intrigued when I heard about Mary Rose Synek. She’s an actor and filmmaker who’s worked on a variety of productions and projects, and is currently the Director of the Writing Institute at Armory College Prep. But the project that piqued my curiosity is her series of five short documentaries developed over the last five years. Her subject: behind the scenes of professional and scholarly publishing. I spoke to Mary Rose Synek a few days after […]

Trendsetters’ Book-Biz Essential Reading, Week of 5/21-5/25

Every week we recommend 5 links that the young book professional should read to feel more informed and connected. There are only 5, so even if you weren’t able to read a thing all week, these should help keep you in the know.   It’s been a hard-knock life for textbook publishers these past few years: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Kindle: coming to a store near you (if you are in the UK and the store is Waterstone’s). Fifty Shades times 200,000…equals 10 million [copies sold […]

Inside Tour of Audible with GalleyCat & MediaBistro TV

As you think about all the places it’s possible to work in book business–and the ever-more unexpected places it’s possible to find yourself in said business–the most recent episode of “Cubes” is highly recommended. GalleyCat peeks in for a tour of  Audible, which is only one of the many exiting undertakings going on in the Wild World of Amazon these days. Here’s what they found:

Lifecycle of a Book: Jenn Northington and Stephanie Anderson

In our latest installment of the Lifecycle of a Book series, book buyers Jenn Northington and Stephanie Anderson of WORD walk us through what it’s like to decide which books to buy and sell. Spread the word!

Lifecycle of a Book: Tamarra Henry, Sales Department

Sooo…how do we actually sell this thing? Tamarra Henry from Macmillan fills us in on this crucial stage of getting a finished book to the people who can get that book to YOU.

Lifecycle of a Book: Jihan Antoine, Book Publicity

Extra, extra, read (or watch or hear) all about it! What does it take to get the word out about a great book and great author? Jihan Antoine of Hachette Book Group shares some of the ways hard-working book publicists make this happen.

Book-Job Boot Camp, Week 3: Jake’s Experiences with Networking

Our very own book-job-searcher, Jake, talks about his experience with our networking tips from this week.